Last updated 10th November 2020

Update 4th November 2020

All Scout Groups in the UK have to follow the Readiness Level set by the Scouts HQ. From Thursday 5th November, the current readiness level in England is Red. This means that no face-to-face Scouting can take place. All Scouting will be done virtually via Zoom.


Risk Assessment Process

The risk assessment process to return to face-to-face Scouting that everyone must follow is as follows:


  • A specific COVID-19 risk assessment need to be completed by the section leadership team.
  • Feedback from parents and young people needs to be gathered.
  • The risk assessment is sent to the Group Scout Leader and the Group Chair for approval.
  • The risk assessment and the feedback is sent to the District Commissioner and District Chair (or their representative).
  • The District Commissioner and Chair reviews the risk assessment and feedback. If more work is needed on the risk assessment, the District Commissioner will inform the Group Scout Leader and it will need to be re-submitted.
  • If both the District Commissioner and Chair is happy, the District Commissioner will inform the Group Scout Leader that face-to-face Scouting for that section can re-commence.
  • The Section Leader will inform parents of this and will send them a copy of the risk assessment and a declaration form that must be filled in and returned via email before their child is allowed to return to face-to-face Scouting.


Update 29th September 2020

The risk assessments for all 3 sections have been approved. Please click the links below to view and download the COVID-19 risk assessments and consent forms to return to face-to-face Scouting.




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