Summer Camp 2019

Date: 31st Mar 2020 Author: Scout Websites
Our 2019 summer camp was very much a back to basics camp where the aim of the weekend was for the children to develop their ‘Core Scouting Skills’.

The whole weekend was a very “youth led” camp with the children having choices of activities and meals meaning they took a lot of control of what we were doing! Throughout the weekend our beavers were tasked with setting up their own camps, cooking and preparing their own meals and collecting their own resources to make fires. Each and every beaver amazed us with their willingness to give everything a go, no matter how little experience they had or how dubious they were. We all (leaders included!) had an amazing weekend where we got to take part in Archery, Back Woods cooking, campfires and it was even topped off with a fireworks display! Whilst on camp, we were lucky enough to have some special visitors including the District Youth Commissioners who helped us with our activities and told some invigorating scouting stories around the campfire which inspired the Beavers as to what their future in scouting may hold.

Overall, the weekend was a huge success and we cannot wait to take all of our beavers away again for some more fun and adventures.

Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls